Vital Economics​​

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Analysis Advice and Advocacy
to help your organisation navigate a changing world
Rigorous analysis  based on applying decades of applied economics experience gained in senior roles in government, regulators, and companies ​
Clear , practical advice focussed on the needs of your organisation  in a format that works for you 
We can find the right people and articulate your case to them in a way they understand increasing the chances of success  


Brexit, trade & investment 


Risk analysis

Unmanaged risks kill organisations. Badly managed risks can damage them severely.

We can help you understand  the risks your organisatipon faces and work with you to  build and operate a practical  coherent approach to risk management
Policy  changes accross the world will pose significant  threats and create new opportunities. 

We have access to the UK's most experienced trade economists who can help you to prepare for all eventualities  
Changes in  interest rates and currencies,   growth and inflation can all have a major impact on your organisation.

We can help you understand the range of possible developments and how they can effect you.

Impact Analysis & Evaluation 



 Understandng the economic impact of a policy change or investment is a key element in government decision making. 

We  have decades of experience of impact analysis and evaluation experience to meet the specific needs of public and private sector clients  
 Many firms develop new ideas, but it takes particular skills to turn them into commercially viable products and to prosper from them.

We can help you understand the opportunities and challenges  of the innovation process and how to maximise your chances of surviving the difficult stages and maximising the benefits of exploiting your IP.
Oil, gas, power. From consumer markets to derivatives, fundamentals to policy shifts. Energy markets are hugely important to many types of business.

We have the skills and experience to help you navigate complex and fluid market conditions .