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The skills of big company , the service and costs of a small one
Peter Dodd founded  Vital Economics in 2017  He is a professional economist with over 25years experience. He  has worked in UK central government as Director of International Economics and Director of Competition and Conusmer Economics, for regulators, international organisations and in a collaboration between some of the largest and corporates BP, Caterpillar  Rolls Royce EdF, Shell. 

He is at the applied end of the Economics spectrum. His specialities are energy, innovation and trade.  He has built 

The Vital Economics  model draws together skills from a network of former colleagues  to assemble teams that match client's needs. This network crosses, the public sector, academia, Economics, policy making .

Vital Economics can also draw on other technical skills such as engineering and pure science.

Peter's primary  collaborators are Ken Warwick  and Brian Titley.

Ken specialises  in Impact Assessment and Competitiveness . He is currently a member of the Regulatory Policy Committee of the UK government  and was previously Chief Economist at the Department for Business Innovation and Skills. He holds a Phd from Harvard.

Brian is a successful author of Economics Textbooks. He was a major contributor to  the UK governmemt's impact assessment methodology and played a leading role in turning around the economy of the Turks and Caicos Islands after severe mismanagement.  

The collaborative model means we can draw on more resources  or specialists in a given field  as and when needed to meet tight deadlines or undertake large projects.