Vital Economics​​

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Analysis Advice and Advocacy
to help your organisation navigate a changing world
We specialise in using  economic analysis to give practical and specific advice and using our  advcacy skills and network of contacts to ensure policy makers understand your needs and why  helping you makes sense.   
 Economists  come in many types.  All working with Vital Economics  are highly practical . Between us we have  deep  expertise in :
Energy markets, projects and innovation
Impact assessment
Investment decision analysis
Risk analysis
Trade and investment analysis  

We have decades of experience of cummincating analysis to non-technical audiences
Including :
National Government in the UK, Europe and worldwide
The European Commission 
International  bodies such as EIB, EBRD, IMF, OECD, UN, World Bank

In our first months  of  operation  we have worked with UNIDROIT, the international body for legal agreements to assess the potential  benefits of an international agreement to  reduce the cost of  credit for mining, agricultural and construction equipment.  We have also  collaborated with one of the world's largest consultancy firms on Brexit analysis.    Other customers have been SMEs with innovative technologies to exploit and firms starting their Brexit planning.