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Analysis Advice and Advocacy
to help your organisation navigate a changing world





Services start with an initial  "MoT"  assessment of the impact  on your organisation of  potential  changes in tariffs, regulation, EU funding and collaboration, market adjustment and broader economic conditions .  Where a significant impact is identified we can perform a deeper dive to help you prefer for whatever final  BREXIT outcome is reached. if you are outside the UK we can also help you understand the implications for you.  
Whether you have to undertake rapid due diligence before an investment or report in detail to government on the impact of funding, we can provide analysis  and articulate  its findings in a format that meets your needs. 
Ranging from regular  market reporting, to  ongoing programmes of  analysis and advice  on issues of particular importance to you 




We can offer you  all the capabilities of an in-house economist team when you need it without the fixed cost when you dont. Through our network of highly experienced experts we can offer you a high quality service at a very affordable price 
With decades of experience in UK government, regulators and international organisations we can deliver analysis backed messages to policy makers in the UK and worldwide in a format they feel comfortable with.  Our approach is to use robust evidence combined with a deep understanding of the objectives of the people we need to influence.​​
Confidential,  Clear  and  evidence based advice delivered in the format that makes sense for your organisation.